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Lot of 3 Tan Physics True Color Sunless Self Tanner Tanning Lotion FRESH STOCK!! {1}
Lot of 3 Tan Physics True Color Sunless Self Tanner Tanning Lotion FRESH STOCK!! {1}

Lot of 3 Tan Physics True Color Sunless Self Tanner Tanning Lotion FRESH STOCK!!

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Lot of 3 Tan Physics True Color Sunless Self Tanner Tanning Lotion FRESH STOCK!!

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3) 8 oz. Bottles of True Color Sunless Tanner.
Tan physics is a revolutionary sunless tanner skin care system that took years of research and countless hours of testing to perfect.
By utilizing only the safest and purest ingredients combined with current technological innovations, our perfectly blended Tan Physics True Color delivers beautiful results that sets it far above its competition and truly needs to be experienced to be believed.
Our Tan Physics lotion is really a dual action skin care system that is perfectly formulated to provide a rich and natural tan while delivering serious and nourishing skin care.
Tan Physics contains only the highest quality sunless tanning ingredients. Our naturally derived sugar based tanners are specifically formulated to provide you with a true and long lasting tan. This revolutionary formula also contains tan enhancing peptides, amino acids, caramel and fruit extracts that further increase the depth and natural color of your tan.
Tan Physics True Color was developed to work perfectly with all skin types, tones and complexions.It's safe and luxurious lotion is formulated to work gently on your face and gently on your body. Easy to blend, simple to apply and very forgiving.
That's the Tan Physics promise.
Argan Oil dubbed "Liquid Gold" is harvested from the Argan nut found in Morocco. It contains a complex mixture of nutrients, antioxidants and high levels of vitamin E that protect the skin against wrinkles and reduce the appearance of crow's feet. It remedies dry skin, fades stretch marks, and reduces skin irritation.
Ready to look and feel younger? Matrixyl activates your skin's natural production of collagen refilling wrinkles naturally from within the skin, deeply moisturizing and keeping your skin looking luminous and youthful.
We use coconut oil because of its ability to absorb fully into the skin. This deep absorption aids in the support of the skin and connective tissues which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while keeping the skin soft and supple while strengthening underlying tissue. Coconut oil forms a protective barrier on your skin to lock in moisture (and your tan) without clogging pores.
Tan Physics contains the highest quality tanners on the planet. Our skin tanners are hand blended and kept in a climate controlled lab. Fresh, effective and beautiful tanners that will provide you with a natural and even looking tan that lasts.
The skin absorbs aloe vera 4 times faster than water. For 3000 years aloe vera has been providing miraculous effects on the human skin. Aloe softens the skin and allows retention of moisture. Our organic aloe is so closely matched to your skins PH that it allows the vitamins, minerals and enzymes to easily penetrate your skin allowing for divine results. Aloe supports your fibroplasts making it keep your skin supple
Hydrolyzed collagen is formulated into Tan Physics to provide skin rejuvenation and restoration. Our perfectly hydrolyzed collagen assists with the strength and elasticity of your skin. As collagen naturally depletes in the skin, it causes sagging and wrinkles. Tan Physics replenishes this lost collagen so skin can stay firm and appear more youthful. Our collagen is perfectly balanced and especially formulated to ensure the most heavenly results.
Your Skin Deserves The BEST!
Knoxville, TN
This sunless tanner is amazing. I have a beautiful tan and when I said its
from a bottle' the response was 'no way'!"
Springfield, IL
Absolutely the Best! Will be using for many years to come"
Columbus, OH
All I can say is WOW!"
Philadelphia, PA
This is a great self tanner. By far the best self tanning product on the market!!" 
Charlotte, NC
It's the best! It's easy to use, smell is good, color is great, no streaks and no orange glow."
Irvine, CA
Tan Physics best ever!! Very easy to apply, no odor... great color!"
Houston, TX
This is the real deal! It looks really natural."
Jacksonville, FL
Product is everything and more. It works great!"
UVA rays cause deeper skin damage and are linked to melanoma. Therefore, self-tanning lotions are spray-on tans are the only safe way to achieve a tan look."
For people who feel the need for bronzed skin, the Foundation maintains that self-tanners are still safer than UV radiation exposure obtained outdoors or in a tanning bed."
Quality bronzers and sunless tanners are safer and faster and can achieve results that are just as beautiful as the real deal."
Recent technological advances have resulted in longer-lasting formulations and more realistic looking results, as opposed to the orange-ish hue of previous generations of self-tanners."
If you don't want to expose your skin to the sun's damaging rays, but still want that sun-kissed glow, consider striking a compromise with sunless tanning products."
How to Use For Truly Amazing Red Carpet Results.. Read This First- Welcome to a new world of tanning without the sun. Tan Physics True-Color Formula 12 is perfectly formulated to provide you with a rich and natural looking tan that will exceed even your highest expectations. Not only will it leave your skin gorgeously bronze but it is formulated with exclusive anti- aging moisturizers that hydrate, replenish, and restore your skin. Say goodbye to your favorite moisturizer. You won’t need it anymore. Tan physics is a tanner and anti-ager in 1 bottle saving you time, money and aggravation. 
We know that most of you have been disappointed with self tanners in the past. Remember, Tan Physics is different. It is formulated to be hydrating, forgiving and fool proof. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, Tan Physics will leave you with a natural color that must be seen to be believed. No streaks, no orange, no smell, Guaranteed! 
Follow these directions closely and get ready indulge yourself in a truly rewarding and healthy skin care experience. Step #1 – Create A Clean Canvas To get the best, most even results, you want your skin as clean, as smooth and as exfoliated as possible so that your body can soak up all the pure ingredients in Tan Physics. We suggest that you avoid using a nylon or loofah sponge. They are too harsh for your skin and exfoliate unevenly leading to a sub-optimal tanning result. 
We highly suggest that you use a quality exfoliant like Tan Physics Pre-Tan Exfoliant and a wash cloth. Gently exfoliate in a circular motion paying close attention to knees, elbows, heels, tops of hands and tops of feet and anywhere else that dry skin is common. Make sure you thoroughly rinse off all shampoo, conditioner, soap, gels etc. before getting out of the shower or bath. 
Do not shave, wax, pluck or tweeze within 24 hours of using tan physics or the follicles and pores could end up slightly darker than the rest of your skin. Remember, the better you exfoliate and prepare your "canvas" the better, smoother and longer lasting your tan will be. Step #2 - Let's Tan, Nourish & Restore So now you are clean and fully exfoliated. Next, dry your skin off completely. This is important so that Tan Physics can be absorbed evenly into your skin. You may want to let your skin air dry and make sure the steam from the bathroom has gone before you start applying. 
Remove any rings, jewelry, etc. and put your hair up. Do not put on any deodorant, perfumes, lotions, make-up. Tan Physics should be the first thing on your skin after the shower. 
In front of a full length mirror squeeze about a quarter size portion of Tan Physics into your hand and start at the center of your shin. We recommend that you apply Tan Physics in sections while starting from the bottom and working up. First calves and feet, then thighs, then abs and back, then chest and shoulders, then your face and neck. Work it in with small circles and firm pressure with your fingers close together. Feather off the application with very light coatings for your feet and knees. Avoid your toenails, the soles of your feet and the sides of your feet. (Hint: Remember that knees, elbows, and backs of ankles can show up much darker because of the roughness of the skin, so make sure go very light on these areas.) 
Tan Physics contains a caramel color guide so you know where you put it and where you didn't. Take a look after application. If you see a dark spot then rub it in. Our color guide ensures a perfect result every time. Finally, wash your hands very well especially between your fingers and scrub your fingernails. Your tan should last between 4-7 days. If you want to get darker then the next day apply more Tan Physics True Color. No need to exfoliate again. If you like the color and want to maintain it but still are looking for daily anti-aging moisturizing, you can use our world class Tan Extender to extend your tan and rejuvenate your skin. Keep that perfect summer glow year Round- you will be the envy of all of your friends! Helpful Hints:
Always go light to start. It is easier to darken than it is to remove a dark tan. Tan Physics is highly buildable. This means that you can add color every day until you get the color that suits you.
Don't forget your ears and behind your ears.
Be sure to get the back of your hands, inside of your wrists and arms, your neck and your sides. Your face and neck will darken easily so apply sparingly but evenly to this region and be sure to get tanner all the way up to your (not in) hairline to ensure seamless color.
Slow down and use only residual lotion for your feet, knees and elbows. Feather and blend slowly and lightly. Don't only use your fingers, let your palms do the work as well. Let the "Sun" Soak In Allow 15-20+ minutes for your skin to absorb all the vitamins, tanners, aloe and skin enriching oils. Drying is important. The longer you dry, the better and more hydrating your results will be. You can really speed up the drying process with a hairdryer or a fan! After 20 minutes you should be dry and ready to put on some comfy and darkly colored loose fitting clothing. 
Although you will get some instant color from our color guide, your tan will begin to develop in 3-6 hours (depending on skin tone. Within 6-24 hours your tan will be fully developed. 
You should avoid showering or heavy sweating for about 6 hours after application to ensure the best tan. 
If you have streaks or dark spots they can be buffed away with a wash cloth. If you have spots you missed, apply a small amount of tanner. Again, wash your hands and nails very well. 
Now get out there and enjoy! Congratulations on taking your first step to looking great without the harmful damage caused by the sun. 
Remember, Tan Physics is NOT a sunscreen and has no SPF factor. You must use sunscreen and sun block to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, always.
Tan Physics is a way of life- a way to look and feel gorgeously tan and younger allowing you to stay away from all the dangers associated with the sun and still look great. 
We are so glad you tried Tan Physics and we know you will be too! 
Stay Healthy, Stay Beautiful, Stay Tan.
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